About us

Thanks for visiting TriBella online. Women have different needs than men, and in the cycling business, women often play second fiddle. TriBella is the antithesis of that model. 

In the fall of 2010, a ground breaking idea was set into motion--open a cycling and triathlon store just for women. Our brick and mortar store in the heart of Denver opened in March 2011 and has been supporting local women ever since. Over the years, TriBella designs have graced the shoulders of first-time triathletes to women competing at the top of their age groups. The brand doesn't judge your ability; it supports your lifestyle.

We are reaching out across the United States and the world to support women who want to participate in the sports we love. Whether you are a dedicated cyclist or a full fledged triathlete, we are here for you. We have a variety of active clothing options for training and racing, as well as a few lifestyle pieces for those cheering from the sidelines. Please enjoy your shopping experience and let us know how to better serve you.